Sheffield Wednesday always bring a decent following to Forest given the proximity to Nottingham and have definitely enjoyed some success at The City Ground in recent years. I can still remember a cracker Adam Reach scored a few seasons back to put one of the final nails in Mark Warburtons tenure. We recorded a decent home win last season with Joao Carvalho scoring a cracking free kick and we’re pretty desperate for some Joao magic so hopefully tomorrow is the day (Keeping everything crossed).

Wednesday are doing pretty well so far this year and they’ll come to Forest feeling confident of causing an upset. Who knows what Forest will do tomorrow but hopefully it’ll be a little better than what’s been served up in recent home games. It’s a big game in many respects to keep us in the chasing pack and we could well do with something going our way. Goals are the issue and I’m half expecting some changes to freshen things up, even if it is in a positional sense. By hook or by crook, I don’t care how we do it, we need a win!

I caught up with Dan from the Wednesday Week Podcast for his thoughts…


After a disappointing season last year, things seem to be back on the up under Garry Monk. How are things shaping up following the second international break?

We’ve been great to watch of late, the problem is the 80th minute ticks over and we currently have a fear of conceding, which has happened too many times for it to be a coincidence. We need to start seeing games out.


Off the pitch, there seems to be a bit of a cloud hanging over the club but on it, it really doesn’t look like it’s effecting matters on the pitch. Is it a concern?

Not right now, We aren’t the only club to have tried to attempt the ground selling route. I feel there is a air of uncertainty around the whole process, I’m sure it’ll all come out in the wash soon.


What can Forest fans expect from Wednesday on Saturday? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your team?

We seem to have recently settled on a FourFourTwo which has been our most successful formation, with Stephen Fletcher recently hitting form and scoring six goals in five games I feel we have an attacking threat. The loss of Julian Börner in our defence has made it a little shaky.


Which individual players do Forest fans need to be looking out for in the Wednesday side?

Steven Fletcher is a threat but you have to look at who’s putting the ball on his head in Bannan and Kadeem Harris. The latter would give any fullback nightmares.


What are your thoughts on Forest so far this season? Who will you be most wary of?

Carvalho for me is one of your better players can really make something happen. We definitely aren’t scared of John Bostock 😉

What’s your most memorable game against Forest?

For me it’s the 7-1 drubbing at home, I’d taken my French exchange student to Hillsboro to show off my team… it didn’t end well.

Predictions for Saturday with scorers?

2-0 to us in the first half and balloon it for a draw in the last mins.


Many thanks to Dan from the Wednesday Week Podcast for his thoughts at short notice! Appreciated!!!