I’ve got a sinking feeling this morning thats going to take some shifting.



I hate Friday night football. It shouldn’t be allowed particularly when I’ve got to spend the rest of the weekend sat under a dark cloud.


Last night’s thoroughly depressing 0-3 defeat at home to Millwall is enough to send anybody reaching for the spirits cabinet. If Forests run of form continues in this vein then it won’t just be hand wash and toilet roll supermarkets will be short on in Nottingham.


That’s not to say the performance was horrendous. Forest never got as far as getting a foothold in the game for me to start lambasting the team. Three sucker punch goals before half time would’ve been enough for those watching at home, to get tucked up in bed for an early night. I didn’t have that luxury unfortunately and still stunned at half time, I couldn’t be bothered to make my way down to the concourse for the obligatory beer.


Gary Rowett deserves a fair amount of credit. He’d clearly done his homework and let’s hope nobody was copying it. Similar to the Sheffield Wednesday game; Rowett pinned Forest back from the off and went for that early goal. It worked a treat.


Until I’d gotten back to the pub, I’d not realised that another one of our old adversaries, Matt Smith has scored a hat trick. I’d found out due to a complimentary text from a Derby fan; basking in the glee of defeat. A decent night for those boys but added more to the frustration. Suck it up Scott!!!


We’ve always struggled with Smith but crikey, when was the last time he scored a hat trick in a game? I’d like to think with him and Rudy Gestede out of the way we can relax a little but Jordan Rhodes is up next week….


Sloppiness cost us for all three goals. Joao Carvalho cheaply gave the ball away for the first; Alfa Semedo didn’t do anything near enough the required levels in two passages of play that led to the second; and the third goal looked like the entire side had decided to play a game of statues from a corner. Pretty dreadful stuff on what could have been a magical night under the lights at The City Ground.


The worrying this is that after the first, I could see the goals coming. The lack of leadership and belief was most concerning. Forest simply had no answer to Millwall’s pressing and physicality; we simply got a lesson.


Lewis Grabban looked completely isolated up top with Sammi Ameobi and Joe Lolley again looking out of sorts. Lolley in particular had a poor evening. His set pieces were hit and miss and two good shooting opportunities were blown by lack of technique. I always feel fairly confident when Joe cuts in on his left foot from around the edge of the box.


We’re definitely at that point in the season where fatigue is kicking in and the loss of Sow and Silva are huge. Ben Watson can’t do it on his own in midfield and it’s thoroughly frustrating to see us looking pretty helpless. Matty Cash has had a couple of below par performances and he looks a little jaded too. The players look like they need a much needed rest. Maybe a Cloughie style midweek break to Majorca for some sunshine might be a good idea. Sabri needs to gather the troops.


The season isn’t over but anymore servings up that are on par with the the last two performances will see Forest drop like a stone. The players and manager deserve a better finish to the season than that.


We need to put it behind us and move onto the next one quickly. They’ll be a good backing from the Forest faithful at Hillsborough to roar on the boys that’s guaranteed.




TEAM PERFORMANCE: 5 – very average.

SAMBA: 6 – Spectator

CASH: 6 – Quiet

RIBIERO: 7 – MAN OF THE MATCH – A positive

WORRALL: 5 – bullied

FIGUIERIDO: 5 – bullied

SEMEDO: 4 – Gloves against Millwall

CARVALHO: 6 – Showed some decent moments but game was done before he could really influence it.

WATSON: 6 – Looked tired last night. Needed help from man next to him.

AMEOBI: 6 – Needed him to find the next gear and couldn’t.

LOLLEY: 5 – Poor evening.

GRABBAN: 5 – Little service



DIAKHABY: 5 – Too late to make any difference.

WALKER: 5 – Too late also.

BOSTOCK: 7 – We looked a lot better when he came on and hit a coupe of seven t long range efforts. Should start next week.